Public consultation means the opportunity for any natural or legal person, institution, organization or association, of making comments or sending information on any notification submitted pursuant Title II of the legislative decree 8 July 2003, n. 224.

The following documents and information are made available for public consultation:

  • the synthesis of the dossier supplying information necessary to carry out the environmental risk assessment of the deliberate release of a GMO;
  • the environmental risk assessment;
  • any new information available on risks for human health and the environment.

In order to facilitate public consultation, a list has been drawn up which includes, in addition to the competent institutional bodies at central and local level, trade associations, non-governmental environmental and consumer protection organisations and Italian public universities. This list is open to any natural or legal person, institution, organisation or association that so requests.

The members of the list will be notified at the start of each public consultation and will have 30 days to submit their comments or further information.

Any comments or information received will be taken into account during the evaluation of the notification.


Data ultima modifica:

17 January 2022