Based on the scientific and technical information emerging during the risk assessment, which induces the decision maker to accept or not the assessed risk, with eventual limitations and requirements, the risk management is carried out on the basis of the application of appropriate mechanisms, measures and strategies to regulate, manage and control risks identified and associated with the use, handling and transboundary movement of LMOs.

An important aspect in the process of management of the risk deriving from LMOs is the so-called post-release monitoring, i.e. the activity of observation during the period following the emission in the environment of the LMOs.

Monitoring allows to:

  • verify the effectiveness of containment measures taken by the person making the release and their compliance with applicable law;
  • check that no adverse effects, arising from factors not included in the risk assessment phase, emerge from LMOs on human and animal health and on the environment.
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08 February 2019