review vol 10The tenth volume of Collection of biosafety Reviews contains the following technical chapters:

1. “Socio-economic Considerations in Regulatory Decision-making on Genetically Modified Crops” by Ruth Mampuys from the Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM). This review provides an overview of the role of socio-economic considerations in biosafety decisionmaking and discusses the opportunities and the challenges of integrating socio-economic considerations into regulatory decision-making.

2. “Risk Communication” by Michael Wach of M Wach Consulting. This review provides some practical suggestions for implementing a more effective risk communication approach within the context of assessing risks from genetically modified crops.

3. “Global Trends and Developments in Confined Field Trials with Genetically Modified Plants” by Greet Smets and Patrick Rüdelsheim from Perseus BVBA, Belgium. This review describes the creation of an inventory of nearly 161,000 records of CFTs since 2001. It also provides an update for the 2014–2017 period of the key trends of GMOs in development with respect to host crop, transgenic trait, type of applicant and geographical location. The review is expected to provide an ample basis for regulatory systems to streamline their processes so that minor and local crops with financially less attractive traits can also progress safely to market.